Don’t Be a Rage Floozy

Raging bull

Let me at ‘em!

Choo choo! The outrage train is leaving the station and I’m not getting on it unless it’s going somewhere that truly offends me as a human being. I’m no rage floozy going around giving my ire to every wanker that says something stupid (hello Chip Wilson), or small organization that lacks common sense (*waves to Manitoba’s Early Learning and Child Care Department*), or even to “role models” that lick hammers or publicly pee in mop buckets. My anger has more value than that and I simply do not have the energy to be incensed by every misstep people make. If people took a chunk out of me every time I said or did something dumb, there would be nothing left of me.

People in the public eye are still people. Yes, Chip Wilson said something really stupid. He also said there were problems with his product. Maybe he’s an asshole, but so what? Why are people giving this guy so much of their energy? Move on. Has Manitoba’s Early Learning and Child Care Department lost the point on their well-intentioned nutrition guidelines? Yep. Is it rage worthy? No. They just need some help with practical implementation.

If you want to be outraged, how about throwing your wrath at organized gang rape (yes, Roast Busters, I mean you), or the hypocritical cesspool of massive money-making organizations that do exactly the opposite of what they say they do (*cough* rhymes with RETA *cough*), or the majority of governments that will sell your country out for an extra dime and wreak horrendous environmental damage all while smiling at the camera (I’m looking at you Stephen Harper). That my friends is rage-worthy. Don’t give it away. Honestly, it’s too valuable a commodity.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Be a Rage Floozy

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