Hi there! I’m Kelly. I write about life’s little fails and all the good and funny that comes from them. I have four kids, but I struggle with domesticity. I also have a second degree black belt, but I eat massive helpings of humble pie at every single karate class. According to Merriam Webster’s definition, I am failing, but in my heart I define it as perpetual trying.

verb \ˈfāl\

  1. to not do (something that you should do or are expected to do)
    If people don’t expect me to do laundry, then the lack of underwear is not a fail, right?
  2. to lose strength : weaken
    This applies to anything I write about bootcamp or karate.
  3. to be or become absent or inadequate
    In my house, the dinner supply failed.
  4. to leave undone : neglect
    Ya, this applies to every domestic chore.
  5. to not succeed as a business : to become bankrupt
    Dear gawd, don’t let this definition apply to me.

So come on! Come fail with me. It’ll be fun.


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